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Atlanta-based Firm, serving the Metro-area including Atlanta, Marietta and Decatur.

Wood & Solis, LLP is the product of "Big Firm" attorneys who desired to take a more intimate and hands-on stewardship in shaping the realization of their client's goals. The partners have over 40-years of litigation experience with a combined overall (settlements included) success rate in excess of 97% and a rate over 95% for matters proceeding to trial. In the arena of construction litigation, Mr. Solis has nearly four-decades of experience in all aspects of the construction and development process—from design architecture to construction management to construction and commercial real estate litigation. In the realm of commercial litigation, Mr. Wood has tried over 100-cases with both tort and contract causes-of-action.

With an intentional focus on a client-driven approach to legal services, Wood & Solis, LLP clients become lifelong partners because our clients are respected, are inspired by the integrity of principled representation, and rest safe in that their investment in time, money, and emotion will yield real and substantive value.

Our Practice Areas

  • General Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Real Estate Development
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Business Law
  • Partnerships & Joint Ventures
  • Surety
  • Insurance
  • Premises Liability/Product Liability
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What Makes Us Special.

WE LISTEN. We listen to and respect our client's aspirations and goals—it is, after all, their case, and we are the vanguards for their interests.

WE INSPIRE. In the end, respect for the legal process carries the day. We inspire our clients to sustain the tough road of negotiation or litigation by relishing the confidence that walking in integrity brings. As their legal representatives, Wood & Solis, LLP protects and dignifies their good name by acting in full and faithful integrity within the legal system.

WE DELIVER. Our clients deserve real value for their time, money, and emotion expended. Our clients do not want to be disappointed and we do not want to disappoint—at the end of the day, we deliver.

We continuously enhance our apprehension and appreciation of these principles by continuously refining Wood & Solis, LLP "best practices" through substantive, engaged client-feedback, integral to each Wood & Solis, LLP matter. When you walk into a courtroom with Wood & Solis, LLP, you walk with confidence.


Our vision and hope is that all of our clients become our lifelong partners.


Our clients become our lifelong partners because:

  • They are heard and respected.
  • They are inspired to walk in the confidence of diligent and principled litigation advocacy.
  • They derive tangible value for their expenditure of time, money, and emotion.


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Transparency
  • Process
  • Agility
  • Value
  • Available by Appointment

What do we mean by these words? Read on To know who someone is, know what they value. Wood & Solis, LLP thinks deeply about its values and how to live into them in its service to its clients. Values start with INTEGRITY. Absent a foundation of integrity of truthful adherence to principled action, nothing else can stand. Integral to a commitment to integrity is TRANSPARENCY in our dealings with and for our clients. Such transparency holds us to ACCOUNTABILITY in the representation we provide.

As an institutional framework supporting our commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability, Wood & Solis, LLP has a vested interest in developing and refining a specially tailored PROCESS supporting our style--our brand of commercial legal advocacy. The process required to accomplish our client's goals and remain faithful to our principles inform Wood & Solis, LLP as to the ORGANIZATION suitable and necessary to support our representative process.

As "Big Firm" attorneys now operating within a smaller and more intimate framework, our great asset and tremendous advantage is our AGILITY in responding to the dynamic needs and requirements within the litigation process—we are big firm ability with small firm agility. Such agility allows Wood & Solis, LLP to foment CREATIVITY in molding and articulating the paths and processes most suitable for attaining our client's needs. All of these values together provide tangible and real VALUE for our clients. As a small business ourselves, we are acutely aware of the centrality of those engagements and choices that further our client's financial and other interests.

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