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Construction Advisement & Litigation


The Solis Law Firm, PC's strong suit is litigation services within the construction arena. In addition to being an attorney, Mr. Solis is a registered professional architect (holding a national design award), and the firm's staff has extensive litigation experience in this area. From filing mechanics liens to prosecuting a lawsuit or arbitration, this firm is in familiar territory. Additionally, The Solis Law Firm, PC offers full representation in the drafting and negotiating all nature of construction and development contracts.


Whatever is true of our commercial litigation and counseling services within the commercial arena is equally true in the residential realm. Mr. Solis has both designed and litigated new luxury homes, substantial renovations, and entire subdivisions. With a time-tested sensitivity to avoiding, in the residential context, the unnecessary complexities common to the commercial construction industry, Mr. Solis can tailor-make contracts and offer negotiations that will be feasible and comprehensible in the residential context.

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