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We represent evenly both landlord and tenants in the commercial realm. From lease negotiations to lease renewals, to tenant improvement build-outs, we are there to use our experience and negotiating skills to take the pulse of the market place, advise you on the appropriate rate per square foot, and see that the deal you strike is carried forth in the written lease and the application of the lease to the actual leased space.


As in many areas of the law, when it comes to consumers and lay participants, the law provides added protective to "non-sophisticated" actors—in this case the tenant. Even if you are well experienced in renting residential space—what you consider your home—we can advise you of all the rights and protections the law provides to residential tenants. We can fully inform you regarding your rights as a member of the US military, security deposits, statutorily mandated improvements and repairs, and eviction time tables.

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