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Luxury Home Disputes

In the special arena of luxury homes (multi-million dollar) new and renovation construction, a special dynamic exists. Often builder acquire a marquee status of a “must have” for the homeowner. That coupled with the reluctance of homeowners to have financial barriers to their hard-earned residential dreams and professional obligations that don’t lend themselves to the time-consuming tasks of overseeing a vast construction project result in a situation of significant lack or abuse of financial management on the part of the builder.

In this attorney’s first such case, a homeowner with a household name was approached by a builder at “substantial completion,” when keys were ready to be turned over and the house occupied. Unbelievable, the builder stated that it had run the numbers on this $4,000,000 project and “discovered” that there was a $2,000,000 shortfall. The homeowners were understandably shocked and fortunately call The Solis Law Firm, PC to resolve this very expensive and abusive situation.

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